Clear Purple Glitter Skellene 5” Resin

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Each piece is marbled in its own unique way using clear purple, clear with silver micro glitter! These are Hand cast by DuboseArt & made to order for a limited time only. Total run will be capped at 40 pieces. (Limit 2 pieces per order, thank you!)

Shipped Priority domestically and First Class internationally. Estimated to ship out in February.

Skellene’s backstory:

During the Victorian era, people often used a physical representation to mark the death of a loved one. These doll-like effigies were created to help the families cope with the deceased, and were typically left at the grave site in remembrance.

From time to time, a little impoverished girl would be seen wandering alone in one of these cemeteries playing with the mourning dolls left at children's graves. No one knew who she was or from whence she came. One day her visits stopped and eventually her lifeless body was found in the woods nearby. Nobody ever claimed her, and she was buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery.

Years after her death, tales emerged about a little skeleton girl returning to play with the grave dolls in the middle of the night. Chatter and paranoia about the macabre sightings eventually lead to the girl’s grave being exhumed. However the figure in the small rotted casket was not the girl and instead was one of the mourning dolls she often played with. The girl was named “Skellene” in folklore ever since.

Mourn Thy Dead.