Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby 10 Years Blindbag (wave 1)

$125.00 USD Sold Out

Thanks for all the support over the years!!

This crazy marbled blindbag (selected randomly) release is to celebrate 10 years of the AZSB. These were each painstakingly marbled in multiple colors & pulled by the talented Mile High Sofubi in USA. Every figure is completely different & many not pictured, Limit 1 per person, please.

This is the first of 2 waves, as more are currently being worked on. If you miss out on these please try again on the next wave.
Figures will come assembled in bag with header card (not pictured)

Shipping out next week!! Tracking/ customs# will be provided.

Shipped via Priority (USA) & First Class (international)

Since each is so different I encourage trading if you want, please use hashtag #autopsyzombiestaplebaby10years on IG/ social media to post trades.